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  • Must be 18+ for full membership or 16 for the cadet program

  • Have a valid driver's license

  • Live within the Campbellsport Fire/EMS District, (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis)

  • Physically able to perform strenuous tasks in high-stress scenarios



Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch shortly. For immediate questions, please contact



Free Training

All Firefighting, Rescue and Emergency Medical training is provided and paid. Continuing education is also paid.


Yes, we are considered a volunteer fire department however, we do get compensated for the calls and training we attend via a stipends program. More information will be provided during the applicant interview.


A great sense of serving your community while building camaraderie and lifelong friendships.


Opportunities for advancement and responsibility on operations and administrative side.


Fitness and training equipment is available at the fire station for members' use, along with Wireless Internet Access. Work from the fire station as you volunteer, open door policy

State-of-the-Art Apparatus

Work with some of the newest and best equipment in the area.

Recognition + Retirement

December Christmas party for all members, Spring awards banquet in March for members and spouses, 4th of July Picnic, and several other fundraiser activities throughout the year. Length of service award program (LOSAP)

Association Memberships

We are part of the Wisconsin State EMS Association, Badger Firefighter Association, Wisconsin State Firefighters Association. You can also be part of several other Fire/EMS organizations that are available.



Where do I get an application?

Applications can be obtained on this webpage by clicking here. You can download it and print it off. Applications need to be turned into the Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Department at 548 E. Main St.

What happens when I submit an application?

The application will be review by our personnel committee and they will make the determination if the applicant gets an interview. A background check will be performed. At the interview the applicant will be given vital information about the department and the expectations. After the interview the new member will be recommended to the membership to be a probationary member for one year. If you do not hear from us after one week from submitting your application call the fire station. If you would like to sit in on trainings or would like a personal tour of the fire station contact the fire station at 920-533-5266 or email

What is the Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Dept looking for?

Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Dept. is always seeking members of the community to join our team. The fire dept. has a few different options when you join. New members can be EMT's, Firefighter, Ambulance Drivers or a combination of these. The Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Dept. has a fire cadet program starting at the age of 16 with strict limits on school GPA and behavior.

What are the primary needs of the Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Dept?

There are two skill sets.  One is as a firefighter the other is as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Many members are both firefighter and EMT qualified, but not all.  The highest percentages of calls run by the department are ambulance calls.

What is an Emergency Medical Technician?

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) respond to emergency situations such as; automobile crashes, heart attacks, strokes, near drowning, unscheduled childbirth, poisonings, falls and general sick person calls.  During these types of emergencies EMT's are responsible for administering life-saving medical attention.

How long does it take go become a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

EMT courses are offered through local technical colleges and follow the standard semester schedule. The program length varies depending on hours per class and classes per week. The EMT Basic class is roughly 196 hours in classroom and clinical experience to complete. Candidates must pass a National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician written and practical exam to become certified as an EMT. The EMT-Intermediate Technician/Advanced EMT level is an additional 96 hours of classroom not including clinical time.

What is an Interior Firefighter?

his is a person that has achieved a level of certified State of Wisconsin Firefighter 1 minimum professional qualifications. This certification is conducted by the State of Wisconsin Fire Service which is also IFSAC accredited (can be used in other states)  to enter burning structures in order to conduct life and property saving activities.

How long does it take to become certified as an interior firefighter?

The combination of classroom and practical exercise has a minimum of 96 hours. Dependent upon class availability and time dedicated by the member, the expectation is for new members to be certified within 24 months. However, it is possible to complete the course work in much less time, possibly less than 9 months if the time is invested.

Do I have to be certified as both an interior firefighter and EMT?

No, this is a personal choice. Many members elect to obtain both certifications; however, it is not required. The department needs members with either certification, or both.

I want to serve my community, but I don't have the time or abilities to be a firefighter or EMT, do you have other options?

We sure do! We have associate members that help out around the station as well as help out during fund raisers. Contact for more details!

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