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Campbellsport Fire Station












Built in 1993, the Campbellsport Fire Station sits along the banks of the Milwaukee River. Ground broke on Saturday April 17, 1993 and site construction was managed by Wisconstech Inc. Many hours were volunteered by department members and local residents which helped keep the cost down to just over $434,000. Other subcontractors for the project include, Ahern-Gross, John Buhler, D.C.S.E, Fond du Lac Asphalt, Frisch, Lindsley Construction, Mid States, Mid-Wisonsin Raynor, Mueller Excavating, Omni, Precision Metals, Quantum Energy, Sheboygan Glass, M. Tighe, Paul Van Zeeland, Precision Metals, 0Dennis Proeber, Ver Halaen, and Vulcan, W.J. Leasa.


If interested in a station tour, please contact or call 920-533-5266!






Ambulance 400

2012 Braun Kenworth T270 SuperChief

Primary ambulance for CFD, ALS service level. Carries up to 3 personnel and 2 patients (ambulatory) or 1 patient (non-ambulatory)

Ambulance 401

2007 Medtec Ford E-450

Secondary ambulance for CFD, ALS service level. Carries up to 3 personnel and 2 patients (ambulatory) or 1 patient (non-ambulatory)

Engine 402

2001 Pierce Quantum

Backup Fire/Rescue vehicle that responds to almost every fire call and accident. Carries 6 personnel, 2000 gallons of water, JAWS extrication equipment, and other various fire and rescue supplies

Brush Truck 403

2003 Ford F-350 4x4

Carries 3 personnel and 225 gallons of water with an integrated foam system. Primary use is brush, grass, and wild fires but also responds to most other fires.

Engine 404

2020 Pierce Quantum

Carries up to 6 personnel and 1000 gallons of water. Primary engine for fire, rescue (JAWS) and accident response. Can perform operator level HAZMAT and has a cascade system for filling SCBA bottles

Tender 405

2009 Volvo with repurposed 1997 tank

Carries up to 2 personnel and 3,000 gallons of water

Truck 406

2015 Pierce Quantum - Aerial

Carries up to 6 personnel and 300 gallons of water. Has a 105 ft ladder with platform and integrated air system. Used for structure fires and ladder rescue.


Engine 407

2005 Custom Fire 4400

Carries up to 3 personnel. Primary use is remote filling of tenders for water shuttle to a fire scene where there are no hydrants. Can also be used at grass fires or serve as an engine if needed.

Squad 408

1995 Marion Ford L8000

Carries up to 10 personnel and is now used as water/dive rescue truck. Also has a cascade system for SCBA/SCUBA tank refilling

Utility 409

2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty V10

Carries up to 5 personnel and tows the off-road/confine space rescue trailer. Used for grass fires, off road rescue, and dive/water rescue calls.

Tender 410

2008 U.S. Tanker 7400

Carries up to 2 personnel and 2000 gallons of water. Used for water shuttle and wildland fires.


2006 Kubota RTV 900

Carries up to 2 personnel and 60 gallons of water. Is equipped with a winch and and a stokes basket mounting system. Used for grass fires, off-road rescue, and personnel shuttle if needed


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