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Dive Team


After a string of drowning accidents in our response district in 2009, it was decided that more needed to be done to help our community. With that in mind, a dive team was formed and in 2010, 9 department members started extenstive training that would take them all the way to Rescue Diver certification.


This certification included training in open water, deep water, under water navigation, search and recovery, night dives and ice diving. It is a skill that takes practice and dedications, which it's members have plenty of!


The Dive Team was started and it's initial equipment and training costs were all funded via donations. Some donations included those from Shelly Stayer for dive equipment and Mercury Marine donated an inflatable boat.


It took some time and a large amount training but, the Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Department Dive Team is something our community should be proud of!

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