The Campbellsport Fire Department is a volunteer fire department, however members do receive stipends for responding to calls and attending training. However, there is a lot more work that is done around the fire department in which the members don't get any compensation for. CFD members volunteer their time for events such as the picnic, public education, cleaning, as well as many fundraisers. It always seems there is something the fire dept members will be working on throughout the year such as making updates to the station, building a memorial, or even the construction of the training tower. These prices are kept lower because the volunteering of the members to get the job complete with a lower labor cost. Many members have many different trades that make the fire dept run much smoother. As there continues to become more work to stay afloat as a fire department it requires tremendous time and effort. We would also like to thank those employers who also allow their employees to leave work to respond to alarms. Those employers can be found on our Employee Appreciation page!










Chief Craig Olson - Firefighter, EMT, Diver - 411

Asst Chief Jamie Zehren - Firefighter, Diver - 411

Captain Jim Beck - Firefighter, EMT - 415

Captain Tori Twohig - Firefighter, Diver - 416

Captain Jeff Twohig - Firefighter, EMT - 417

Captain Aaron Voigt - Firefighter - 418

Safety Officer Don Miller - Firefighter - 419

EMS Captain Nate Olson - Firefighter, EMT - 420

EMS Capt Mary Breuer - Firefighter, EMT - 421

Engineer Don Schrauth - Firefighter, EMR - 423

Secretary - Matt Stoffel - Firefighter

Treasurer Brian Schill - Firefighter

Park Board Member Bill Grede

Park Board Member Justin John - Firefighter, EMR, Diver

PR Officer - Angela Simon - EMT

PR Officer - Jamie Miller - EMR

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General Membership

Jackie Batzler - EMT

Mark Benike - Firefighter, Diver

Tom Benike - Firefighter, EMT, Inspector

Vicki Boegel - EMS Student

Drake Casey - Firefighter, EMT

Ryon Casey - Honorary

Jackyln Casper - Amb Driver

Williiam Dortch - Firefighter

Sara Eimermann - Firefighter

Jake Flasch - Firefighter

Nick Garbisch - Firefighter

Miranda Galligan - EMT

Savannah Galligan - Probationary

Peter Gorr - Firefighter, EMR

Emily Guell - Probationary

Phil Hahn - Firefighter, Former Chief

Brian Jordan - Firefighter, EMT

Brian Jungers - Firefighter

Cole Jungers - Firefighter

Justin Jungers - Firefighter

Mark Jungers - Firefighter

Scott Jungers - Firefighter

Randy Karoses - Honorary

Ken Ketter - Ambulance Driver

John Kleinhans - Probationary

Don Lackas - Honorary, Former Chief

Justin Ladwig - Firefighter

Jeff Lindsley - Firefighter, Diver, Former Chief

Connie Meyer - Firefighter, EMT

Keith Martin - Honorary

Tom Miller - Firefighter, Diver

Brian Oestreich -Honorary

Carol Oestreich - Honorary

Aaron Olson - Firefighter

Craig Panzer - Firefighter

Brandon Peters - Firefighter

Ron Reese - Firefighter

Mark Reeseburg - Firefighter

John Reigle - Honorary

Kaitlynn Sabish - Cadet

Kyle Salter - Probationary

Dave Schellhaass - Firefighter

Chris Schanen - Ambulance Driver

Cary Serwe - Ambulance Driver

Paul Seymour - Ambulance Driver

Jim Simon - Firefighter

Les Simon - Firefighter

Paul Simon - Honorary

Tony Stoffel - Firefighter

Don Stoffel - Firefighter, Former Chief

Genny Stoffel - Honorary

Melvin Stoffel - Honorary

Rick Straub - Firefighter

Shirley Straub - EMT

Brian Thoma - Associate

Perry Wahnschaffe - Firefighter

Randy Zielieke - Firefighter, EMT, Former Chief

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